The Shandy Collection is an unorthodox private collection. It is an eclectic set of artworks amassed by a London-based collector over the last decade; uniquely, the majority of the works have been accrued through an exchange of his labour for art.

Unperturbed by the normal monetary demands of collecting fine art, the collector looks beyond the standard financial transaction and instead his ability to help has often been the payment for an acquisition.

Working as an art installer, art technician and builder, the collector has to date amassed over 80 pieces. It was when helping out an artist friend in 1999 the collector acquired his first work; a painting given to him by the artist as a gesture of gratitude.

Since its inception, the collection has grown organically through donations, exchange or by direct purchase. It adheres to no strict criteria governing media, content or size. The result is an egalitarian collection that maps the chance interactions of the collector's life as he lives and works amongst the artist’s of London.

Shaun Doyle Concrete Wendy